About Ping Racing

What’s better than being able to market your business, product, or service with one driver in the motorsports industry? Being able to do it with two! Enter Ping Racing with two drivers, racing in a pair of different programs going in the same direction.

Are looking to be connected with young, up-and-coming talent in the open wheel program with their sights set on IndyCar, Ping Racing has a pair of Brand Ambassadors that help you win off the track, as much as they want to win on it.

“Nobody remembers who finishes second”

About the Ping Brothers

Beginning his sporting career as a top-level hockey goalie in Junior hockey, Noah made the transition to motorsports with his sights set on the top in 2020. Like Noah, Zack was a varsity high school lacrosse player before 2020 and a switch to the fast-paced life of wheel-to-wheel racing.

Both Noah and Zack really had no experience racing whatsoever until 2020. When covid hit, Ping Racing purchased a pair of Radical Cup track cars thinking it would be fun to drive up at Atlanta Motorsports Park, the club track that they belonged to for years but never really used. After the purchase of the cars and enrolled in Primal Racing School, the Ping’s met Sean Rayhall and it was apparent the boys were fast and had natural ability. Sean noticed their talent, agreed to coach them and two months after purchasing the cars, the Ping’s started racing in the Radical Cup series with instant success. Both Noah and Zack had multiple podiums and were in the hunt for the top step of the podium in every race
through the 2021 season.

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